Apr. 1st, 2017

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D. is with us: or rather, D. has gone to - Northallerton, I think - for the dinner which justified his coming to see us, and staying here last night and tonight. Not that staying here in order to dine in Northallerton makes enormous sense, but we're all glad of the excuse for a visit and don't enquire too closely.

A visitor is grounds for going out to lunch, and we thought we'd try somewhere new, and went to the farm shop at Knitsley. Success all round, I think. A pleasant drive out, with authentic April showers, and the verges thick with daffodils (were they always there, or is it an exceptionally good year?); a twenty minute wait for a table gave me time to buy goodies for tomorrow's lunch and further into the future; and good things for lunch. [livejournal.com profile] durham_rambler and I chose the 'pork tasting plate' (ham, pate, pork pie ans a particularly successful Scotch egg) while D. observed the traditions of the day French-style, by opting for the fish and chips. The dessert menu was less exciting, especially as we had seen the cakes counter on our way in, so we bought cakes to eat at home with coffee.

We drove home via Lanchester, since D. had not seen the information board about the Roman fort: the fort itself is unexcavated, so there isn't much to see, but the walls are visible - or rather, the core that remains when the stone has been robbed for use in more recent buildings:

The walls of Longovicium

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