Apr. 10th, 2017

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We have just watched the final of University Challenge; as always, I am amazed at the things the contestants know. It isn't just a matter of knowing the subjects they are studying: they are impressively well informed about the history and geography of far-flung parts of the globe. They have their blind spots, though: asked to identify the film maker whose works included Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, they hesitated, then ventured "Jean-Luc Godard?"
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Gail-Nina Anderson doesn't blog, though we try to persuade her. Instead she circulates good things to those of her friends she thinks will most enjoy them. A recent highlight was a poem one of her friends had written about his cat, which I liked enough to ask if I could post it here:
Far-famed despoiler of fixtures and fittings
Lion of the settee, Lord of the blanket-cave
Slayer of Summer Pigeon, Marker of territory
Emptier of food bowls, prodigious of appetite
Generous giver of fur, unbridled in bounty
His hairs travel continents by proxy
Ravager of guests, embarrassment at mealtimes
The thunder-purrer who shakes the windows
Bearer of battle scars, sombre in his years
Grievous the lamentation and wailing
When his bowl needs filling

James Anthony Tucker

ETA: The author reports that the title came to him belatedly in a "duh" moment... Beopuss.

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