Mar. 20th, 2017

shewhomust: (dandelion)
The daffodils on the bank below the station are now in full bloom: I've been watching them open over the last couple of weeks, but this morning there were no more buds, just golden trumpets.

A pair of geese are nesting on the riverbank, where the heron used to stand; the heron has moved closer to the weir, near the Archimedes screw. This morning one of the geese had adopted the heron's pose, standing very upright on its short orange legs, neck erect.

I don't know whether to blame the urge to spring clean, but we have been trying to restart the programme of work on the house. Something untoward is going on under the floor of the downstairs bathroom (shower room, I suppose, since it doesn't contain a bath), and I'd like to take the opportunity to turn it into a wet room (because I find the shower cramped - I'm forever banging my elbows, or pushing to door open without meaning to). I thought this would be - well, not easy, because I don't find this kinf of thing easy, but I thought this was a reasonable sort of home improvement aspiration, that we were going with the flow. Apparently not. The builder we used before was very discouraging about the whole wet room concept, and has given us a quote for the job with very little derail and several things missing. We have been talking to a firm that specialises in bathrooms, and they are more interested (though they too keep trying to insert screens in spaces where there isn't really room: they don't like the idea of a wet room in which things might get wet). It has taken two visits to the house - I don't think the boss could quite believe the measurements he was given, and he certainly didn't believe what we were telling him about our hot water system. But we do now have a quote from them, too. We can't have our first choice of shower, and the choice of colour is pretty much a choice of shades of grey (monochrome is not only fashionable, it's compulsory) and nowhere near fifty shades, either... But it's progress of a kind.

And we have started making bookings for a holiday.

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