Mar. 5th, 2017

shewhomust: (galleon)
One more book post, because every day is Book Day in this establishment.

At the pub quiz, we have a 'book of the moment', on which there is one question each week, running through the book more or less in order: which is why I have for some time been reading Treasure Island slowly and carefully. (I recommend it, by the way: it stands up even to this treatment.)

Reading with particular attention to names, numbers, places, the sort of things it's easy to ask questions about, I noticed something a bit odd, and I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone might have on the subject: one of the pirates has no name. Strictly, more than one remains unnamed: Stevenson's too good a writer to swamp you with the names of a cast of thousands. Gradually as the Hispaniola sails towards Treasure Island, Jim starts to refer to individuals by name, although others remain anonymously in the background.

Seriously? Spoilers for 'Treasure Island'? Oh, well, just in case... )

I could tell you the name of the parrot...

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