Feb. 19th, 2017

shewhomust: (watchmen)
- three times, it seems, is Brian K. Vaughan.

No, I don't regard him as enemy action, so perhaps I'd better unpack that. I came home from the Graphic Novels Reading Group with the big hardback of Runaways, loaned to me by a fellow-member of the group, full of praise and enthusiasm for the title. I spotted a trade paperback of Saga, waiting to be written up for my book diary, and a single issue of Paper Girls, which had just arrived with my comics order. If you asked me to list my favourite comics authors, you'd be waiting a long time for me to reach the name of Brian K. Vaughan. Yet somehow three of his titles have converged on my reading list, and of those Saga (fabulous art by Fiona Staples) certainly is on my list of the best comics currently being published (if only the gaps between the collections weren't so long). How did that happen without my noticing it?

Let me try to answer that question. )

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