Jan. 26th, 2017

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The instructions [livejournal.com profile] desperance gave me, when he gave me my sourdough starter, tell me to put a bowl of water in the oven with the loaf: this is said to improve the rise. Every now and then I think yes, I really should try that..., but I am lazy, and clumsy with bowls of boiling water. and one way and another I never do.

But yesterday I was cooking haggis (of course) and the instructions for this required it, too, to be placed in in the oven, in a bowl containing an inch of water. Which gave me an overlap: not entirely by chance, but not entirely by planning, either, the bread spent its first quarter hour in an oven which also contained a bowl of water.

It certainly rose better than usual. This is not a scientific test: it was rising enthusiastically throughout the process, but nonetheless, for the record, oatmeal-raisin bread, bowl of water (surely the haggis is not an active ingredient?), completely satisfactory loaf.
shewhomust: (bibendum)
There is a petition at Change.org urging Canada to plant a hedge along its southern border:
It's not complaining, it's not offensive, but it still marks off your territory in a "live and let live" Canadian sort of way. We also point out that, if done right, it could be nice for the local wildlife - giving them somewhere to live, shelter, snack or perch. And, it might help offset carbon emissions even though we realise that your neighbour no longer believes in such things.

Yew hedge

I tend not to sign joke petitions, but I enjoyed reading this one. Especially since the petitioner paid me the compliment of illustrating it with one of my photos.

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